Why Webgen?

Thinking of outsourcing to India? Looking for smart Indian developers? Find here an elaborate list of frequently asked questions from our customers for a better understanding of Indian IT outsourcing:

— How do you place an order for software development with you?
To place an order with our company, take any of the initial steps outlined below:
  • You can choose to use our contact form located at the bottom of every page. Our team of experts will respond immediately!
  • Alternatively, you can directly e-mail our sales team and place an order with them. Simply forward a message (e-mail) to [email protected] and our able sales manager will take it from there; he will advise you accordingly and lead you through the entire process.
  • For your favorite iPhone apps, iPad apps or any other mobile apps, visit our online store to order the software of your choice. It is instant and absolutely secure.
To acquaint yourself with any other information regarding your order, simply click on the colored chat box located on the top right-hand side of the page. Enter your name, your e-mail address, and phone number to chat with our sales team.
— What level of experience do your software developers have?
Our software developers are qualified graduates from universities of premier rank in India. A majority of our employees have graduated with Master’s degrees in various fields of software engineering. Webgen is committed to hiring people with innovative minds ready to think laterally and willing to experiment new ideas, techniques and approaches during the lifecycle of software development. Our policies as a technological company provide the ideal environment and life-time opportunities that favor personal growth and knowledge accrual. These policies leave us with the best brains on the job that the entire industry covets.
—Every successful development process must be accompanied by the right project management team. How do you assure me that whoever is working on my project is well organized?
Webgen involves its clients in the entire process of designing and building websites, or developing mobile apps. For instance, the project period (the duration of development) and the timeline for testing the developed product are solely tied on your desires and preferences as our customer. Modifications can be done to ensure that the various parameters square up with the client’s specific needs. We are a customer focused company and his wishes cannot be subordinated to any other. The project manager will marry up your schedule with the need for flexibility to make sure that your project is properly organized right from the word go.
— How much do you charge for project management?
You will be happy to learn that we charge absolutely nothing to manage your project. When you entrust your project with Webgen, you are immediately gifted with a personal project manager, commonly known as the PPM. Your PPM plays the role of a liaison officer, by bridging the gap between you and our development team. He makes sure that the development team addresses any project requirement that you share with us. The PPM is more of a go-to person that handles your day-after-day issues and tracks the nitty-gritty of your project.
— Do you accept PayPal as a payment method?
Your convenience is our ultimate pride; At Webgen, we allow PayPal payments as well as other payment options including:
  • Regular wire transfer
  • Money Transfer via moneybookers.com
  • Money Transfer via ikobo.com
  • 2Checkout.com, Inc.
You can have your project submitted to our office through the online site, Elance.com.
— Apart from the Project Manager, who else can one talk to regarding his project?
Webgen’s friendly Customer Care desk treats all communications from our clients with a human touch. Our Customer Care staff will discuss everything—anything with you to ensure that you are always satisfied.
— Averagely, for how long should I wait for my project to be completed?
Webgen gives you a PPM (personal project manager) immediately you file your project with our company. It is the role of the PPM to brief you on the timescale of your project on a day-by-day basis. In most cases, the length of the project is decided upon by you (our client) and the PPM.
— When should I expect to be allocated a developer?
You will receive a developer the moment your project is approved; after which the development process kicks off.
— What sets Indians from the rest of other IT service providers?
Indian developers are exposed to advanced levels of software development and computer science from as early as 10 years. This explains why our team has managed to stay ahead of the curve in developing websites, mobile apps, and provision of outsourcing services. The unique Indian culture coupled with the region’s singular attributes complement the originative realm of our team of experts. Click here to learn more on Webgen’s services and products.
—How much will you charge me if I only require a few hours with your developer?
Our minimal charge for development is 40 hours; this is equivalent to the standard duration that one developer works in a single week. This brings the cost to about $1,200 to $3,000 USD.