Website Planning Worksheet

  • Contact information

  • :
  • Business information

  • Example: Pizza, Restaurant, Take Out, Grinders, Salads, Italian, Entrees, Pasta
  • Example: Age Group, Gender, Interests, Locality, Areas Served
  • Image & Style

    The visual appearance, graphic design and color scheme of your website will communicate volumes to the visitor about you and your business.
  • Other Websites

  • Example: www.selloutz.com – Action sports, deal-a-day, e-commerce
  • Website Content and Pages

    What pages would you like on your site? Indicate the pages you would like on your site using the suggested page titles below. The pages titles can be whatever you want; those listed below are only there to get you started. Remember, it is best to keep only one topic per page. You may also want to consider how often this information will need to be updated. Software is available to help you maintain your site easily. Be sure to ask about this if you are interested.
  • Frequent page updates are a great way to move up in search results. Search engines rank pages higher if they are updated regularly. Most consumers now expect websites to change frequently.


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