The Untold Story of Penguin 3.0 Upgrade

December 2, 2014 google updates, Search Engine Optimization

Google always to increase its revenues by putting up ads and every other source of income it could find, it would even help ads publishers get paid through different programs such as AdSense and partner programs. However, the only thing Google would not allow us to scam its users and get spammy links because of Google. This is what makes Google make sure that all updates and upgrades of the algorithm are enough for the people behind the search box get legitimate results for the information they are seeking. Thus these updates keep coming all the time and probably would keep coming just to defend the user that has nothing with the revenue wheel on the internet.

This is why they released the new upgrade of the Penguin algorithm. The Untold Story of Penguin 3.0 Upgrade, this code received the code name of Penguin 3.0 while others thought it must have been Penguin 2.2 as it was only an update. However, this update affected and still affecting 1% of the queries online which is significantly lower than its sequel for 2.2% of the keyword queries online.

The Untold Story of Penguin 3.0 Upgrade

This update, according to the official announcement, aims to eliminate the links that look spammy and allow those who are legit to rank better. This gives a huge advantage for the white hat SEO users, while targeting spammers with black hat SEO users to lose the link juice they have built.

Since its release on 17th of October 2014, Penguin 3.0 has been penalizing a lot of sites according to a secret we are going to discuss now. The idea behind Penguin is that if your site gets ticketed by the penguin, it would never be able to compete till the next release of it would have mercy on their efforts to clear spammy links that are on their sites.

After all these things, the important thing is to notice some of internet publishers who use both white hat and black hat methods. Some of them reported that their white hat sites got flagged while their black hat ones did not, and stayed safe. Even some black hat SEO users reported ranking skyrocketing after the update.

This is becoming confusing as a lot of marketers believe that using white hat SEO is safe. Here comes the Penguin update to prove this to be a misconception. The idea here is that Google is starting to think that actually any SEO is manipulating the searcher to find their content instead of letting the algorithm decide what is good and what is not, which could be called manipulating and thus, is not allowed.

So what should marketers do regarding this, should they quit their online career or just start cleaning up their content and links to make sure they are doing it right?

The answer is Yes and No, as Google is simply telling publishers to stop spamming and start building content as natural as possible, building sites for Google is not going to work nor is moral. As this would ensure the site to rank only if it deserves it.

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