Symfony Framework

Symfony is php based framework that uses enhanced object oriented features to develop web applications. Symphony enables rapid development for web solutions from simple to complex that makes it one of the most preferred choices for most of the web developers. It does not compromise with the architecture and functionality of the web application and it can be upgraded easily with latest extensions. Model view controller (MVC) and Object Relational Mapper (ORM) are the two features resolve the readability, structuring and maintainability of object oriented code. Symphony comes up with several tools that ease and automate the complex task.  
Features of symfony
  • As symfony is based on MVC coding structure, it reduces the overall time for application development process
  • Code-generation tools for prototyping and one click back end administration
  • Cache management feature help in reducing bandwidth usage and server load
  • Best for extreme programming
  • Authentication and credential feature helps in creating restricted sections and user security management.
  • Administrators can retrieve complete information about application by logging features
  • Search engine friendly routing, smart URLs
  • Support Linux, Mac, OS, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows with web server and PHP 5
  • Built-in e-mail and API
  • Automated sorting and filtering
Our symfony framework development services
  • Symfony website development
  • Symfony customization
  • Symfony theme development
  • Symfony application development
  • Symfony maintenance and upgradation
  • Symfony custom component development
Why Webgen?
Webgen uses wide variety of web development technologies to provide best business solutions to our clients. Our proficient symfony web development team have 3 plus experience in developing varying flexible web application for our clients according to their need. We customise the features to provide rich quality and provide solutions to improve profitability as well. Our dedicated development staff, always adopts strategic approach towards implementing symphony projects.