Software Development

Is your software too restrictive, disusedand no longer up to the task or your expectations? Arobust software structure is utterly vital for any future extension of your system. At Webgen, we employ nouveau technology and approaches to develop custom software and applications for our clients. Our team comprises of creative developers with different areas of specialization who guarantee our customers magnificent software products tailored to their business environments. Our team will customize your product to your preferences by improving its structure and general performance. This is done after a rigorous analysis activity that seeks to understand the client’s objectives before implementing them in the final software product. Webgen combines its superior customer-focused approach with smart innovation, originality and technical proficiency across different technologies and platforms to come up with highly-efficient software. This is a service that is done right within the stipulated timeframe and financial budget of our client. This is necessary to avert any potential inconveniences on the part of our prestigious customers. Webgen software development experts are famed the world over for their brilliant market solutions that find their use in virtually all sizes of business enterprises.
Webgen takes pride in the following software solutions that it develops for its clients:
  • Software products
  • ERP Software
  • CRM Software
  • Internet and Intranet Software
  • POS Systems
  • Customized Software
Enterprise resource planning, common as ERP, is a management software program compromising of merged applications that help track the resources of your business. It collects, stores, manages, and interprets all your business data. Customer relationship management (CRM) software refers to a suite of applications that tracks all your customer data. This enterprise software makes use of technology to synchronize your sales, customer service, and interaction. Our unique experience across different platforms, systems and programming languages makes us the most sought after software developers in the industry today.


Quality Assurance, usually abbreviated as QA, refers to an industry process of assessing a product or service (application software, mobile application or web application) to ensure that the desired quality level is attained. This process ravels out any potential issues, risksor bugs in the product during its development or delivery. Software Testing on the other hand refers to the activity of evaluating the capability of asystem or programto determine if the required results and developer expectations are met. Quality assurance and testing is majorly concerned with adding value to the entire process of software development to ensure that any discussed adjustments agreed on in advance are well implemented in the final product and the client’s requirements and tastes are fully represented. Webgen follows a pragmatic approach to software and application testing to guarantee product accuracyand productivity. This methodology focuses on boosting quality levels of your software, mobile or web application while at the same time slimming down potential risk, development costs and product cycle times.
Our quality assurance and testing involves:
  • Compatibility and functionality testing
  • Usability and performance testing
  • System and acceptance testing
  • Smoke and sanity testing
  • Regression and load testing
The testing process is in-depth and rigorous to guarantee you software products that are both bug-free and up to your current task. Webgen does not disappoint; Webgen does it.