Refund Policy

Webgen came up with this refund policy to highlight the contexts when Webgen might issue a refund to the consumers of its products. The policy describes the procedure for laying claim to a refund vis-à-vis the consumer’s previous order and Webgen’s tradition regarding transactions that end in a refund claim. By accepting any of Webgen services, you are implying that you read, understood, and accepted all the terms spelled out in our refund policy as well as the conditions therein.
Coverage & Scope
  • This refund policy outlines the manner in which refunds will be processed by Webgen and/or any other website solely owned and run by Webgen.
  • This refund policy will not hold for other companies not owned or controlled by Webgen, or for persons not directly employed or managed by Webgen. The policy will not apply to contracted third-party persons or websites linked to Webgen’ website.
Filing a complaint
  • At Webgen, we believe that every project must be built to a reciprocally acceptable solution and every resource is directed towards achieving that. Refund is therefore, a last resort that will only be contemplated when it has become absolutely impractical to carry on with the project. Prior to any refund request, a dialog shall be established between you and our desk.
  • It is your right to file a refund claim when it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that we have not been able to produce a reciprocally acceptable solution.
Eligibility for refund
    • Webgen treats every project with all the sincerity it deserves to ensure high-level professionalism and guarantee the satisfaction envisaged by our client’s proposal. However, a dispute resolution process may advocate refund requests as outlined in the schedule there-under.
Delivery Time
  • Complete refund if the client’s project has not been initiated/not started or if the approved design was poorly served.
  • A partial refund depending on the modules completed if we disregarded our delivery policy. This means that the amount to be refunded will be dependent on the proportion of the completed task and what is yet to be completed by Webgen.
  • We shall not issue any refunds for completed projects already uploaded on the server.
Dedicated Hiring (IT staffing solution)
Note: Webgen’s commitment to our delivery policy is subject to:
  • Full refund if our IT specialists have not initiated the project after its approval.
  • Proportionate amount to be refunded if the project is cancelled by our client at some point.
  • No refund shall be processed for the duration of time that the delivered resource will be assumed to be functioning. Notify our Project Manager immediately if you experience any work loss or malfunction.
Applicability of the Delivery Policy
  • A project will not be considered void if the listed payments are not clearly documented.
  • Webgen will not honor the Refund Policy if there was no timely communication regarding unsuccessful project completion.
  • If Webgen was not furnished with complete information regarding the scope of your project, Webgen will not commit to the Refund Policy.
Processing of Refunds
  • Refunds shall be processed and subsequently mailed within 5 working/business days from the date of cancellation.
  • Webgen may from time to time, without any prior notice introduce changes to this policy at its exclusive discretion as your service provider. We recommend that you review this refund policy periodically for any new changes. Your use of our website after such amendments is interpreted as acceptance of the terms and conditions thereof.