Reasons why you should buy the latest Apple watch?

December 9, 2014 Apple Watch, technologies

With the launch of the Apple Watch last September 9, 2014 and its upcoming release next year, many patrons of the Apple products have already lined up and made reservations through their favorite apple stores and online as well. It’s getting a lot of buzz because this is another innovative product from the gadget guru Apple and it’s the first of its kind to hit the market. Upon reading up on the Apple sit and a bunch more websites sporting their knowledge about the Apple Watch, I’ve come to learn the different features and integrated functionalities within this smaller-than-average device. I call it device, even if it is a watch, because it has the capacity of any smart phone and more. Let me explain further by listing some of the many noted features of this revolutionary timepiece.

Reasons why you should buy the latest Apple watch

  • Time Accuracy– IT checks against definitive global time standard continuously and actually adjusts your time zone to wherever you may be.
  • Many surface interfaces– unlike traditional and even the most tech-savvy digital watch has less faces than the Apple watch. It lets you see the time in multiple different ways than one.
  • Staying in touch made easy– with just a touch of a finger on the side of the watch, you can see the people in your contact list as thumbnails and you can immediately send a message or call them with the use if this tiny watch.
  • Aside from calling and sending a message, the Apple Watch allows you to do so many other things to keep your conversation between loved ones fun and very interactive such as:

    – Sketch- This feature allows you to make drawings with your fingers on the watch surface and watch it appear on the other person’s watch.

    – Tap- Similar to the “Poke” feature in Facebook where you can let the person know that you want to talk to them or miss them, you send out a poke but with the Apple Watch, it goes even further. You can actually tap your watch and the person you intend to tap will feel a slight vibration on his own watch. Taps can even be customized according to the people you want to tap.

    – Heartbeat- Send out your own recorded heartbeat to a person you miss by pressing two fingers on the screen.

    – Messages and calls made even easier- This watch has definitely kicked the phone messaging feature to the curb with its instant messaging system by just moving your arms in specific ways. It even lets you call instantly by the use of built-in speakers for short conversations and just easily transfer the call to your iPhone for longer ones. You can dictate your messages if you don’t have time to type on your iPhone or even use emojis that have the ability to move and project different moods.

  • Activity App– this app can record your every move and give you a detailed account of your activities by the use of three rings that measures just about anything in your daily activities:
  • – The Exercise ring- shows the time of you’ve spent in minutes with your brisk activities

    – The Movement ring- shows you the calorie count you’ve already burned with all your movements.

    – The Stand ring- shows how often you have stood up during the day.

    The purpose of this app is to let users know how much they can achieve with their daily activities instead of just sitting down and doing nothing.

    This app lets you set your weekly goals and tracks you progress and milestones. You can then adjust your goals as you go along and it will also give you progress reports and data to help you reach your goals quicker.

  • Style– Comes in two different sizes which are 38 mm and 42mm which can both work on either left or right wrist. It comes in these various styles that can certainly withstand wear and tear:
  • – Stainless Steel
    – Silver Aluminum
    – 18 Karat Yellow Gold
    – Space Black Stainless Steel
    – Space Gray aluminum
    – 18 Karat Rose Gold

    The bands also come in super creative and fun different styles and colors such as:

    – Link Bracelet
    – Sport brand
    – Leather Loop
    – Classic Buckle
    – Modern Buckle
    – Milanese Loop

    The faces of the watch are also various and will surely keep you occupied while skimming through every one of them. Finally, the Apple Watch comes in three different preferences:

    – The Apple Watch
    – The Apple Watch Sport
    – The Apple Watch Edition

  • Technology used– the kind of technology used in this evolutionary device is the Digital Crown which integrates the watches functionality to tell the time while magnifying the content on the display. This only means that the features and functionality of perhaps an iPhone or a Mac is found in this digitally engineered small device with a multitude of potential and a wider array of functions and capabilities.

So there you go, only a short description of the reasons why you should start thinking of getting an Apple Watch today. Get connected and build your network with the newest revolutionary masterpiece that would only come from the world’s leading technology provider, Apple.

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