Is it really better to use WordPress for large size projects?

November 27, 2014 Web Development, Wordpress Development

As a developer whenever you want to publish something over the internet or simply say it as building a website, you will have to face a lot of challenges which you need to sort out by yourself. But the task of a developer is made smooth and easy with the help of WordPress. But do you really think that WordPress is ideal for large projects? WordPress was released in the market in the year 2003. It just had few themes but they were pretty good. Later by the year 2005, this became one of the best tools of blogging and by 2006, this WordPress became the killer application with more than 1.8 million downloads. That means there were thousands of websites being built using WordPress in just 3 years after its launch in the market. This is definitely a very good for large projects but every application has pros and a few cons as well. WordPress is not an exemption.

Is it really better to use WordPress for large size projects?

Let us have a look at where WordPress is good at and where it lags:

Advantages of using WordPress in large projects:

  • One of the major pros of using WordPress is the developer will be modify the data in very short time by creating the data sets using taxonomies at the back end. This is an advanced Custom Fields tool.
  • There is another advantage of the advanced custom fields. Custom Admin UI building is faster with which you will be able to manage the data. You also have photo uploads which run effortlessly. This is another major win of WordPress.
  • You have a good document and support available for all your queries associated with developing using WordPress. You will just have search in any search engine to get the solution to your query. There will be at least one answer already available for your query or you will get the answer from the team in just few minutes.
    Disadvantages of using WordPress in large projects:
  • You can call it a complaint or a disadvantage stated by the users of WordPress and also by the non users of WordPress. You will have the option to start the web development from the beginning. You will have a half done work in front of you. You will either have to use that half built work or you will have to remove the parts which you don’t like. You will again have to write code for it using JQuery and CSS.
  • You have a lot of original and already written code available in WordPress. If you are a beginner then you don’t have to struggle too much about the code but the chances of learning something new is definitely low.
  • The code is open source and that is another drawback if you are using this for large projects in web development. Your source code can be used by anyone or some may take advantage of the flaws in your code.

Overall WordPress is good for large projects but it again depends on how you use it. If you have never tried WordPress then give it a try as it is all free for you.

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