Is It Meaningful and Really Beneficial to use Framework for Web Application Development?

November 27, 2014 framework web services, Web Development

The word “FRAME WORK” is common for everyone who builds a website. Using the framework you will be able to code easier and faster. These frameworks are commonly used by all professional web developers for building the websites. These frame works are becoming common as they allow the designers to build some new websites with a lot of unique features which other websites do not have. Normally developer start rewriting the same codes and build websites with the same features of other websites or application but using these web frameworks can help you in doing something different from existing websites.

Let us have a look at few pros and cons about using the web framework for developing web applications and websites.

Is it meaningful and really beneficial to use framework for web application development?

Pros of using framework for developing web applications –

  • Security is one of the major advantages of using framework in web application developments. They are having high levels of security. As a user, you are also working as tester for the web framework. If you come across something that you feel is lacking security then login immediately in to the website of the frame and let them learn about the problem. That would be fixed by the framework team.

    • These frameworks are cost effective as well. You can get most of the frameworks for free online. As these frameworks do not need too much of coding, the work of the work of the developer is also very less and hence you can hire a web developer at a very low fee.

      • Frameworks are having built in functions in them. So you don’t have to spend too much of time in coding or you don’t have to write too many lines of code as well. When the coding is easy that means the coding task can be completed faster. All together frameworks are efficient.

        • The support for your queries is also available. You normally get a good documentation about these frameworks answering all your queries. If you still have any questions then you will have support team and also forums where you can find many experts to answer you queries and you will also be given chance to answer few questions.

          Cons of using framework for developing web applications –

          • When you are using any web framework then the code is public to anyone. People with bad intentions may study the code of your framework and get all the flaws of it. They may start using these flaws against you.

            • When you are using a framework that means you will have to use the framework as it is. You will not have the chance to modify the primary behavior of the framework. So it is always good to choose a framework that is exactly suitable for your website.

              • You can know completely about the framework and will be able to use it properly but you will not be able to learn the language behind the framework.

                You may take some time to learn about these frameworks but once you get familiar to them, then your development process is going to speed up for sure.

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