Google+ is winning the race over Facebook in Business? Which is the best one for business marketing?

December 1, 2014 Social Media Marketing

While starting a new business it has to reach to many people to ensure popularity and success. They can capture the market if they have got wider reach among most of the people. Facebook is a place where most of the people are, which makes the company to invest time and money in social media platforms. Yet the number of users in the media won’t benefit to the business. Among 20 billion searches done in the month of April, 13.3 billion were done on Google, a report from comScore. Google related results are far more prominent than other social media sites.

Google+ is winning the race over Facebook in Business? Which is the best one for business marketing?


Google is the better choice for advertising the business because it has superior performance, ad targeting options and many ad formats. Google collects more viewers of users when they check mail, use Google+ and surf the web while Facebook is often used for chatting purpose. Google advertising options offers geo-targeting and Google display networks. They have higher click- through- rates. Google searchers have specific intention in mind and advertisement matching their intention will help them a lot.

Comparison of Google+ with Facebook

Google+ has circles to benefit for businesses. Once circle have created, one can choose the information to share within the circles. They can be differentiated from family and works. They are automated list in Google while users have to create manually in Facebook marketing. Google+ is provided with hangouts which is suitable for webinars. Video chats are used for business chats, product demonstration and discussion. Google+ has communities feature to interact with people who are on the same communities. People use Google+ to share and comment on content more than who use Facebook. Hence they have more Social Engine Optimization results. Google offers remarketing which involves showing advertisement based on their past web activity.

In social media marketing there is an option for adding link of the websites but cannot pass any value to it. But in Google+ there is possible to add introduction to the website. Title tags in Google+ allows the chance of content appearing in top of the Google search. Linking the website to the Google+ profile and with proper title tag, the profile picture of Google+ profile will appear in the Google search results. This increases the potential to get more clicks by people performing searches. Getting more audience will help the top ranking in the Google search result. Whereas this is not possible in social media marketing websites as the people’s count is not taken to arrange the search results.


Google+ is a new place to make new friends and not like Facebook to reconnect with the old friends. It is a place for sharing new ideas among new communities of people. For small businesses Google+ will be much better than Facebook marketing to get higher outreach. Google+ has higher outreach with communities, circles and hangouts. All of them are unique and constrained to certain stream. Integration of Google+ with YouTube and Gmail is another great way of exposure. Using attractive and informative cover photos, design elements, Hashtags, appropriate keywords, encouraging Reviews from the customers, staying active and adding influential people to the circle, more engagement and connecting the page with the website are the prime activities one has to do while using Google+ for social media marketing purpose.

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