Engagement Models

Outsourcing is quite an art.

Outsourcing is like riding in the backseat of a friend’s car with your mind preoccupied with other matters of significant importance. You don’t see the risks that the driver sees; you don’t even realize the tactical maneuvers he makes, and you don’t even care about the offending motorists. It is not our wish that you experience a jolting or bumpy ride. It is our wish that your ride with Webgen leaves you with only sweet and gratifying memories. One way that guarantees you a smooth ride that is equally enjoyable and satisfactory, is to learn how we run our operations at Webgen.

Singularity or a Merge

Typically, we employ 3 principal engagement models as our standard frameworks during our operation. We can however combine any of these models to fulfill your requirements.
Dedicated Offshore Resources
Description: In this model, you simply hire our team of experts to take up your project. By doing so, you still stand to benefit from our experienced and proficient developers as well as our managers without necessarily going through the hustle associated with hiring such persons, managing rates of attrition, or the trouble of meeting their allowances and other benefits. How it works: Our client, who is the business owner, furnishes us with a list of broad-based requirements. We then set up the most qualified team for the task and assign it to our client. Who is eligible to use it: Any business owner or private client with a slight idea of what he needs and more concerned about the core business other than troubling himself with the labor of software development, should opt for this particular model.
Fixed Price
Description: This remains the most prominent model among our clients. It is characterized by predetermined project requirements, rigid deadlines and preset budgets. How it works: In this model, we only assemble a group of experts to take up your project after identifying the requirements of your project, its milestones, budget, and the set deadlines. The number of experts working on your project may be increased at any one time depending on emerging needs of the project. You will learn of any progress through the regular updates of the project manager Who is eligible to use it: Fixed price is most suited for business persons who intend to build just one development project.
Time and material
Description: In this model, the business owner (our client) pays the cost of the project based on the overall time invested by our experts in the development process. How it works: Webgen tacks together a team of experts composed of persons with different skills to work on your project. They may start off the process of developing your project without even a detailed specification. Depending on the contours of your project, we may find it necessary to alter or improve the composition of your team. Just like in the other models, Webgen will assign you a PPM (personal project manager) who is responsible for bridging the gap that exists between you and our company experts. Who is eligible to use it: This model is ideal for persons whose project scope and requirements are quickly evolving and changing form.