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November 12, 2014 software development

The limitations encountered with packaged software applications have triggered off the need for custom software to address the dynamic nature of our enterprise needs. The modern day technology landscape changes rapidly and requires well-adaptive measures. Webgen concentrates on development of custom applications, right from scratch, providing you with solutions that fit your requirements and business needs.

Webgen designs and develops simple to complex applications with intuitive interfaces that favor navigability. The company’s team of professionals adds value to your experience by incorporating enhanced features into the custom software. They may integrate searchable databases, e-learning tools, online messaging, product manuals and software documentation into the custom software.


custom software development

Webgen’s application development cycle employs industry standard approaches and tools to validate and test the system for any incompatibility (system or browser incompatibility). The development process is accompanied by excellent training sessions where the expected users of the developed system are given a chance to interact with the system. This is necessary to ensure that the end-users of the platform are very comfortable with the system and understand all its aspects.

Software development services offered at Webgen include but not limited to the following:
    • CRM applications
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Enterprise solutions
    • Porting applications
    • Application reengineering
    • Supply-chain integration
    • Data-warehousing solutions
    • Design of B2B exchanges
    • Corporate intranets as well as extranets
    • Application integration and many others.

Webgen’s application development professionals have expertise in various technologies and protocols. They possess special skills in app development using Java, J2EE, .NET technologies, XML, HTML, PHP, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, and so much more.

A robust development methodology is followed to ensure that the product delivered to the client is of par excellence and satisfactory. The process involves understanding customer requirements, planning, designing, developing, launching and finally maintaining the application.

To ensure that all the adjustments requested by the client are implemented in the final application, Webgen sends a working prototype to the client, often at regular intervals, for any other fine-tuning. To ensure that customers experience flexibility in their operations, the company deploys both offshore and onsite application developers to help integrate customer capabilities into the system.

Business owners who have partnered with Webgen acclaimed the experienced software developers of the company for their impressive domain knowledge and high level of expertise. They were also happy for reduced project time, low project costs, reduced risks of failures, constant communication and increased efficiency.

Others mentioned advanced documentation processes and reliable testing methods. Webgen’s clients range from small businesses, midsized organizations, to the world’s industry leaders. The company serves all these groups with their interests at heart and in the same way regardless of their size.

We advise that you take time to understand your business needs, analyze them, and select the right outsourcing partner like Webgen for your project. A vendor search should always be conducted to ensure that the best outsourcing partner is selected, one with the right team of experts.

Try Webgen and spot the difference.

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