December 15, 2014 ERP Software

ERP or Enterprise resource planning system is a single that can help you track and manage information from all the departments of a company. It covers all the business functions present in a company from human resource to the accounts department. There are many varieties of ERP tools available in the market but few of them are really good. The market of these Enterprise resource planning softwares is really huge and complicated as well. You can find many venders offering hundreds of best ERP softwares both integrated and stand alone as well. Some common features offered by the top ERP softwares to the small and medium level production companies are Human resources, Business intelligence, Accounting, Customer relationship management, Manufacturing, Supply chain management and inventory management.
Let us have a look at the best and Top ERP tools of 2014:

  • SAP Business All in One –One of the best and most used ERP software tool is SAP Business All in One. This ERP software can be used by any small production company as well as large companies. This software offers application to financial management, human resources, CRM for stand alone and business intelligence as well.
  • NetSuite – One of the leading Cloud based Enterprise resource planning which is currently supporting more than twenty thousand small and large companies is NetSuite. This was actually launched as a accounting system and then has grown in to a ERP software which offers Customer resource management, business intelligence and human resources.
  • Oracle JD Edwards – If you are looking for ERP software that can be used on medium production companies then you should go for Oracle JD Edwards. This software offers distributors, manufacturing and also has many other features for their valuable clientele.
  • Aplicor 3C – One more best rated and Top ERP software is Aplicor 3C. This ERP software is suitable for all sizes of business from small to large. Companies with more than 5 users should go for this ERP software. You will have the provision to use this from anywhere as this is web based software. This facility of accessing it from anywhere is making the software more popular than other ERP softwares available in the market.
  • Sage ERP – There are four major products of this Sage ERP software. They are Sage ERP 100, Sage ERP 300, Sage ERP 500 and Sage ERP X3. If you are looking for top ERP form small to medium production companies then you should go for Sage ERP 100 and if you large productions company then you must go for Sage ERP X3.
  • Intact Financials and Accounting System –A cloud based ERP or accounting system that is well suited for firms like real estate, banking, professional services or any related services. This is considered as one of the top ERP software available in the market. It offers many different features but specially accounting.
  • You can see many trends of ERP softwares playing in the market right now and claiming to be the best but you need to select the ERP which is suitable for your company according to your needs.

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