Chrome or Safari which browser wins the race in security for MAC OS?

December 8, 2014 internet browsers, Web browsers

Many of you always have a question in your mind when you are using internet for doing anything on your computer. This is a very common question which many people have in their minds and that is “Which is the best browser?” Which do you think is the best browser for MAC OS in terms of security – Safari or Chrome? Let us have a look at these two browsers to decide which the best browser among these two is.

Chrome or Safari which browser wins the race in security for MAC OS

Google’s chrome is working at a double speed of Mozilla Firefox but it is still unable to beat the Safari browser from Apple. This has been proved by many benchmark tests done. A test was conducted on fours browser for MAC OS. They are Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera. The latest browser of Google is Chrome is considered as the 2nd fastest browser among all the four browsers tested. Chrome runs 10 times faster than the Opera and works with twice speed of Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 which is a beta version and it is open source browser.

Even after beating Opera and Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome was not able to beat Apple’s Safari browser. Do you know how fast Safari than Google’s Chrome is? It is 12 times faster than Google’s Chrome. But this is not the case with the windows operating system. Chrome should first in terms of speed and security among all its competitor browsers.

Let us have a look at these two browsers –

Google Chrome

-This is a very good browser if you are using it on the windows operating system but when it comes to the MAC OS then you must use Apple’s Safari as that is really faster than the Google Chrome browser. You have all normal features that are offered in any other browser like you can open more than 15 tabs at a time and still make sure that all the browsers are loading properly. You have another excellent feature and that is the simple and easy way to bookmark the pages. You can do it just be clicking the star button available on the right of the address bar.

Apple’s Safari

–Initially when this browser was launched in the market then this was not a big hit but later this has become the best browser for s. This is giving a very tough competition to Google’s Chrome. The latest version of this browser is having many new advanced features but it is still having some old features and felling so that old users do not feel it completely new. There is an interesting feature added to Safari 8 version and that is the “share” icon which is present on the right side of the search bar in Safari browser. This will help in sharing thing in some social networking sites, also enables sharing through the Apple platform and also helps in bookmarking.

So the best browser that works better on the MAC OS is Apple’s safari. Do try it today in your MAC system.

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