Brands and Facebook Relationship is Changing?

November 18, 2014 Social Media Marketing

Facebook as a social media marketing has attracted a large number of users. It has become compulsory for every brand or business to have a Facebook page. This page will act as a means of promotion of product. You might have noticed lately that there are a large number of promotional content in the pages.

Facebook Page Social Media Marketing
Changes in Facebook:

Based on customer feedback there are a number of highly promotional content. There are several types of promotional contents one type will compel people to buy a product or enter promotions or install a ad that will render you nothing. There has been an increase in number of fake and spam ads.

Increase in Ad count:

As a result of overly promotional post you can visualize a large number of ads on Facebook than usually. The increase in number of advertisements will cause user dissatisfaction. Facebook is now reaching a saturation point in social media marketing most industries which means it has to concentrate on holding their customer to view pages for more time.

Clear Out space:

In order to make user to retain in page or longer time it requires more space that can be obtained by removing all those spam advertisements and placing those advertisements that pay for the service. Facebook will be choosy and will be charging for displaying advertisements and promotions in the site.

Becoming Paid :

News about Facebook becoming paid had spread like fire. Facebook will not actually charge normal users to carry on the regular activities like adding photo or commenting on others pictures. The free advertising option through Facebook marketing pages is coming to an end. They are going to charge a fee to create and promote pages in Facebook advertising.

Brands becoming bait:

Almost all services depended upon Facebook as advertising platform and to reach among people. Initially they made an establishment as such that Facebook marketing is the best way to promote a business. Now almost all small and big companies, brands and even celebrities depend upon Facebook for promotional purpose. And it is a clever move that it is going to make it paid as these brands have become bait and will have to pay for their Facebook advertising pages in order to keep their business intact.


The longer a person or viewer spends time on a page the better is the quality of page. Sadly in facebook most pages will have lesser view time as most of the viewers just add comment or like the page and navigate without even reading the contents.

Facebook pages are not engagement tools they are mere pages that are viewed for few seconds. Facebook does not allow direct interaction of brands with their customers. It allows a select percentage of customers to view a page and get updates. The main reason is to make the brands dependent on Facebook for their customers. Though there are companies that keep their customers intact by announcing coupons and events so that they will subscribe to their email list. But most of the brands do not recognize it and merely depend upon Facebook for customers. It is time to spread awareness and look out for customers and interact with them.

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